Rochester International Airport (KRST)

Rochester Minnesota

(507) 282-1717

Open 24 / 7


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Fees -- as of January 23, 2018
  • Handling fees are waived with/for:
    • Purchase of 7 gal of full service fuel
    • Any amount of Self Service fuel
    • Local pilots wanting to board passengers via Signature's door
    • Angel Flights
  • With no fuel purchased, Handling fees are:
    • $29 for Piston Singles 
    • $39 for Piston Twins
  • Overnight tie down fees
    • $15 for one to seven days.  (i.e. first night is $15 and the next 6 nights are free)
  • Hangar Fees are:
    • $115 per night for Piston Singles
    • $182 per night for Piston Twins
    • Summer rates are about 20% less


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