Fly-Out Destinations from the Rochester Area: Flight Breakfasts etc.

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KAEL Albert Lea MN 
They have a crew car and the local HyVee is not far from the airport.  There is also a Mexican Food restaurant, Pizza Ranch and Diary Queen within a short walk too.

KC35, Reedsburg WI
he second Sunday of the month the local VFW has a breakfast. 8 bucks for adults. it's a 5 minute walk from the airport building. Pretty good chow!

KCCY Charles City IA 
They have 2 crew cars and it's into town to Dave's. On Sundays they have a breakfast buffet for 8 bucks, which includes the drink. Pretty good chow anytime!

KEAU Eau Claire WI 
They have a crew car and there is several restaurants in the area.

KFCM Flying Cloud MN 
Lion's Tap.. Pretty good burgers.. You'll need a car to get there..

KLNR Lone Rock WI 
There is a restaurant on the west end of the field which, on nice days, is pretty busy.

KMCW Mason City IA 
On Saturdays the local branch of Liars and Fliers meet at the restaurants. The airport restaurant has decent food..
In addition, Doug Rozendaal hosts a  "Burger Burn" on the airport at 1830 local every Third Thursday. It's covered dish and bring your own meat to grill.. They have a good turn out.. Fun evening..

KMKT Mankato MN 
They have 2 crew cars and LOTS of restaurants in town.

KRGK Red Wing MN 
They have a crew car and there are restaurants either in Red Wing or a right turn out of the airport will take you another not far down the road.

KSTP St. Paul MN Holman Field 
Holman's Table located in the old terminal. Airplane parking on the south side of the terminal.

MN DOT listing of Aviation Events

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Wisconsin Airport Events from State of Wisconsin, Department of Transportation  Listing of Events

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