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May 12th 2018

As always, we need all the pilots we can get and twice as many ground crew as pilots.  If you plan to fly Young Eagles and did not fly Young Eagles in 2016 or 2017, you may need to be “Youth Protection Certified.  These certifications expire after 3 years.  For more information about participating in this fun and rewarding event see the Young Eagle information or the chapter website.  http://eaa100.org.

 April 23, 2018

AOPA Safety Seminar --, 1900-2100L, Collision Course
Sponsored by the Dodge Center Airport, AOPA, and EAA Chapter 100.

The “big sky” can get awfully small when multiple aircraft are in the vicinity. Even with ATC support and traffic displays, near misses happen too frequently and midair collisions still happen. Advanced technologies which ensure more precise course and altitude tracking and more aircraft converging on fewer airports all work to shrink the “big sky”.


ASI’s new seminar looks at the problem from a risk management perspective. We identify high-risk scenarios and locations, then lay out strategies for avoiding them. From congested corridors to frenetic fly-ins, we talk about: 

·         Human eye limitations that impact the “see and avoid” philosophy

·         Proven techniques on enhancing visual scan effectiveness

·         Maximizing your visibility to other aircraft

·         The promise and peril of cockpit technology

·         “Danger zones” you may not be aware of

Minnesota Aviation Day at the Capitol
1000-1800, Wednesday April 25, 2018
St. Paul Airport Terminal
See the flyer and more info.
I'll fly up if the weather ever improves.  
Do you want a ride?  If so, call me: Dick Fechter (507) 272-5099

April 27-28



ART HOWARD will be receiving the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award.  Be there Saturday about 1345L

Great Minnesota Aviation Gathering (GMAG)Friday & Saturday, April 27–28, 2018   Anoka County-Blaine Airport (KANE), Blaine, MN
See http://www.mnpilots.org/ for details
Click the flyer on the right for printable version then post it at your airport.

Click to download the GMAG Event Info

May 9, 2018


IMC Club meeting will be at the Rochester airport’s CAP Meeting Room. (Just below the Great Planes Aviation office.  Start at 1900L (2nd Wednesday of each month).  

Planned discussion topics:

  1. IMC Club video and discussion: TBD

  2. Question of the month:  TBD

More information about “IMC Club” is at http://eaa100.44rf.com/imcclub/imcclub.htm.

Cancellations will be posted on the http://RSTGA.com  website Events page.



June 9th 2018

EAA Chapter 100 June Hangar Flying Event (2nd Saturday of each month - Summer Schedule).  

The June 9th EAA Chapter 100 Fly In event will be hosted by John and Jeff Hanson.  Location TBD.


June 17, 2018


Father’s Day Pancake Breakfast is June 17th, 7:00-noon. 

 Click for this year’s flyer and post in all the good places.  

Click here to link to the EAA Chapter 100 Pancake Breakfast Website.

 We will be serving: ”Sturdiwheat“ pancakes, scrambled eggs, ham, coffee, milk & orange juice.  $7 for adults, $5 for kids.


Click for printable poster


June 27, 2018

The Runway Safety Action Team (RSAT) Meeting will be Wednesday, June 27th at 9 am at the Airport.   More information will be forthcoming, but all pilots and others interested in our safety are welcome.

September 22, 2018


Young Eagles

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