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2nd Wednesday
Sept. 12
, 2018

IMC Club meeting will be at the Rochester airport’s CAP Meeting Room. (Just below the Great Planes Aviation office.  Start at 1900L (2nd Wednesday of each month).  

Planned discussion topics: VDA and TCH, GPS Approach Types, Aircraft Approach Category, Approach Lighting,  

More basic information about “IMC Club” is at http://eaa100.44rf.com/imcclub/imcclub.htm.

Please sign up before the meeting. 

Cancellations will be posted on the Events page of -- http://RSTGA.com

Sept 13, 2018

1900-2100 (7-9pm)

Dodge Center Airport (KTOB)

EAA Chapter 100

806 Airport Road South, Dodge Center, MN 55927

Thank you EAA Chapter 100


Weather is often blamed as the cause of accidents when, in reality, it’s poor decision making that’s the culprit. Arm yourself to make the right weather choices at crucial moments before and during flight.
  • Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why getting the big weather picture is important

  • How to improve your go/no-go decision-making process

  •  Tips to “weatherize” your mindset and avoid traps like flying VFR into IMC

  • Why technology can be a great tool and your worst enemy in weather flying

Starting at the crash scene and working backwards, you’ll step into the shoes of an accident investigator and examine accidents in which weather played a role. Our expert presenters will guide the discussion about what went wrong, why, and how to avoid making the same mistakes.

Sept. 22, 2018


Young Eagles Rally and General Aviation Picnic is September 22nd. We currently have 12 aircraft signed up with 4 more expected. Our per sortie YE seats count is expected to be 39. Our Facebook event has 460 people "Interested" and 29 "Going". Please consider signing up as a ground volunteer. We could have a record number of people to entertain and educate.

Sept. 22, 2018
General Aviation

Rochester Airport

Great Planes Aviation Hangar (near T-Hangars

After Young Eagles Rally (About noon)

All people interested in GA are invited

Hosted by: EAA, SE MN Flying Club, RST Airport and Signature. 

2nd Saturday
October 13th

This will be at the Dodge Center Airport Administration Building.  Nothing to bring -- just come and enjoy the company.

If someone would like to bring some treats, give me a call at 272-5099.  You'll be reimbursed $20.

Dodge Center Flight Breakfast

Sunday June 19, 2019

EAA Chapter 100 annual "Father's Day Fly-in/Drive-in Flight Breakfast.




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