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Rochester Area

April 2-7
Lakeland, Florida

Int'l Fly-In Expo
U.S. Navy Blue Angels


April 3rd
7:00 - 9:00 pm

Dodge Center Airport

April 10
(7 pm, Second Wednesday of every month)

Meeting Location
:  1153 Tompkins Dr NE, Byron, MN.

FAA Wings Credit:
Advanced Topic 1


Meeting Location:  1153 Tompkins Dr NE, Byron, MN.
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Thank you Dan Walker for volunteering to provide us with a very nice place to hold the IMC Club Meeting.

You may have to park on the street if there is a dance class starting or finishing.  Lots of parents dropping off and picking up their son's and daughter's.

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It's about 15-25 pilots sitting around discussing how we might handle challenging IMC situations and reviewing instrument procedures.  

If you like "Hangar Flying" you'll like IMC Club meetings.

For more information visit http://eaa100.org  or call Dick Fechter (507) 272-5099.
Check this site for cancellations.


During April's IMC Club meeting we will talk about FSS's Adverse Condition Alerting Service (ACAS).

Leidos is engaged in a multi-year effort to introduce new technology and capabilities into the Flight Services operational environment that improve safety and efficiency for the General Aviation (GA) community. As part of this effort, the Adverse Condition Alerting Service (ACAS) has been operational since October 2012.

The ACAS addresses pilot awareness gaps due to the timing of briefings and other communications. By regulation, pilots are required to be aware of all meteorological or aeronautical information pertinent to their flights. Pilots typically obtain a briefing over the phone or via the internet some time before a flight. Pilots may also obtain an updated briefing when they call to activate. However, as soon as a briefing is completed, new or modified safety critical conditions can arise, such as a severe weather forecast or observation, an airport closure, or a temporary flight restriction. In the preflight time frame this is primarily an issue of convenience; in the in-flight time frame, it becomes a matter of safety.

The ACAS addresses this deficiency by monitoring flight plans continuously from the time they are filed until the time they are closed. Any new or modified adverse condition information is sent to the pilot. Email and text messages are used to deliver the alerts during the preflight phase; cockpit satellite communications devices are used during the in-flight phase. Several vendor devices are now supported, with more being added.

Adverse conditions for which the ACAS generates alerts includes Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs), airport/runway closed/unsafe NOTAMs, urgent PIREPs, SIGMETs, Convective SIGMETs, AIRMETs, Center Weather Advisories (CWAs), and Severe Weather Watches/Warnings.

All alerts are made available to Flight Services specialists so that if a pilot calls back in, the specialist has immediate access to new, safety-critical information about which the pilot may be unaware.

Alerts are only sent to pilots if the pilot has registered for the service. Registration is free, straightforward and is done on the Leidos Pilot Web Portal (login from the home page).

In addition, ACAS is available through web services to the commercial flight planning marketplace. At the request of multiple vendors, ACAS is available to provide a quick means to identify adverse conditions that affect a route as it is being constructed. This capability shortens the flight planning period by reducing or eliminating iteration on the route.

Chapter Hangar Flying Event

April 12
(Second Friday of every month)

This will be at the Dodge Center Airport Administration Building.  Nothing to bring -- just come and enjoy the company.

Open to everyone with an interest in aviation.

Check this site for cancellations.

April 27th-28th

Buffalo Municipal airport (KCFE)

(NOT at Anoka County-Blaine Airport)

The Great Minnesota Aviation Gathering (GMAG)
Buffalo Municipal airport (KCFE)
(more info)

Click to enlarge poster to 8x10The Gathering will feature educational sessions and a variety of vendors of aviation-related products. Educational sessions will cover a broad range of topics, including owner-assisted maintenance, seaplane operations, ski plane operations, survival medicine, single pilot IFR, Minnesota aviation history, winter operations, engine management, how to promote your local airport and much more.


April 30

EAA Chapter 100 Business Meeting

Business meetings are at the Bears Den in Byron. Schedules are based on every other month, the Tuesday of the week before the week of the meeting.   Members are encouraged to arrive about 1730-1800 to eat.  The business meeting will start at 1830.  Eating is not required, but it's a nice way to thank the Bears Den for the use of their room.
May 4th
Breezy Point
5th Annual
Aviation Days
Click to open full-sized pdf flyerClick the small (unreadable) flyer on the left to download the full-sized (readable) pdf flyer.

Breezy Point is a private airport, Pilots MUST call for permission and visit our website for pilot briefing BEFORE landing.

http://breezypointairport.com, Cliff Muller (218) 838-3434


May 18, 2019

Young Eagles Rally and General Aviation Picnic May 18, 2019. Sign-up will begin this spring.  Don't forget to do the "Youth Protection Program" several months ahead so it can process.  These are good for 3 years, and most of us did it 3 years ago.  Please consider signing up as a ground volunteer. We could have a record number of people to entertain and educate.

May 18, 2019
General Aviation

Rochester Airport

Great Planes Aviation Hangar (near T-Hangars

After Young Eagles Rally (About noon)

All people interested in GA are invited

Hosted by: EAA, SE MN Flying Club, RST Airport and Signature. 

June 16, 2019

Dodge Center Flight Breakfast

Saturday June 15, 2019, 0800-noon, Flight Breakfast Prep


EAA Chapter 100 annual "Father's Day Fly-in/Drive-in Flight Breakfast.

EAA Chapter 100
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