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November 9th
(Second Friday of every month)

We are back to the winter schedule of Friday evenings.  This will be at the Dodge Center Airport Administration Building.  Nothing to bring -- just come and enjoy the company.

If someone would like to bring some treats, give me a call at 272-5099.  You'll be reimbursed $20.

November 10, 11:00am
Funeral Mass for
Walt Halloran

St Mary's Catholic Church
Chatfield, MN


Walt Halloran flew west Thursday, Oct. 18th . He was at peace and was talking about his loving wife.  He has donated his body to The Mayo Clinic but there will be a funeral mass at St Mary's Catholic Church in Chatfield November 10 at 11am 

Memories of Walt, from Gordy Westphal:

I first met Walt in the early 1970's after he moved from the Army to 13th Ave N.W.  I had the Parakeet in the garage and he drove by everyday going to his job selling insurance.  After getting to know him a little we talked RV's and we found a RV-3 kit that Pete Eversole in LaCrosse had for sale.  This was his first homebuilt.  I would go over to Walt's in the evening and buck rivets until we had it to the point where he decided he and Walt Mount could finish it up and install a Lycoming at Wes Anderson's airport.  He had a tweak on his prop one time and decided a nose wheel would help.  He than bought a couple of American Aviation A1A 2 place and one he had painted in a bright yellow.

      Wes Foss from Stewartville had build a 2 place Quickie and decided to sell it to Walt with the agreement he would help Walt convert it to a nose wheel as on landing the spring in the wings would cause too much up and down motion. They needed to take off the wheels off the wing tips and remove the tailwheel and install a new engine mount and landing gear.   After the changes Walt was happy with the handling.  

He then bought a 4 place American Traveler which he didn't own very long.  Then a boat came along but that was more work to get it in and out of the water so he bought a Grumman Yankee with chamo paint and this he had this til his late 80's.   Up until he moved to the Waters in Edina he was asking about a purchasing an Ercoupe. He enjoyed flying light aircraft until the end.

November 14th
(7 pm, Second Wednesday of every month)

It's about 15-25 pilots sitting around discussing how we might handle challenging IMC situations and reviewing instrument procedures.  

If you like "Hangar Flying" you'll like IMC Club meetings.

For more information visit http://eaa100.org  or call Dick Fechter (507) 272-5099.
Please sign up, but if you don't, you are still welcome.

May 25, 2019

Young Eagles Rally and General Aviation Picnic May ??, 2019. Sign-up will begin next spring.  Don't forget to do the "Youth Protection Program" several months ahead so it can process.  These are good for 3 years, and most of us did it 3 years ago.  Please consider signing up as a ground volunteer. We could have a record number of people to entertain and educate.

May 25, 2019
General Aviation

Rochester Airport

Great Planes Aviation Hangar (near T-Hangars

After Young Eagles Rally (About noon)

All people interested in GA are invited

Hosted by: EAA, SE MN Flying Club, RST Airport and Signature. 

Dodge Center Flight Breakfast

Sunday June 16, 2019

EAA Chapter 100 annual "Father's Day Fly-in/Drive-in Flight Breakfast.


EAA Chapter 100
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