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September 14th

Second Saturday of every month in the summer

Dodge Center Airport (KTOB)

Join members of EAA Chapter 100 for some great camaraderie and hangar flying..  Fly in if you can, drive in if you must.

FREE AOPA Safety Seminar

October 2nd

Dodge Center Airport (KTOB)

 No Pre-registration.


Whether youíre deciding which way to enter a busy traffic pattern or how to deal with deteriorating weather, the safest option isnít always crystal clear.

This exciting new ASI seminar can help you make safer, more informed decisions next time you fly. Hereís how:

In this exciting new seminar you will:

  • Participate in two interactive vignettes based on PilotWorkshops Mastery scenarios
  • Discuss, Decide and Debate your options
  • Understand there is no easy or right answer
  • Share your aviation safety knowledge with your peers

What will you decide to do?

October 9th
(7 pm, Second Wednesday of every month)
Meeting Location
:  1153 Tompkins Dr NE, Byron, MN.

FAA Wings Credit:


Meeting Location:  1153 Tompkins Dr NE, Byron, MN.
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Thank you Dan Walker for volunteering to provide us with a very nice place to hold the IMC Club Meeting.

You may have to park on the street if there is a dance class starting or finishing.  Lots of parents dropping off and picking up their son's and daughter's.

It's about 15-25 pilots sitting around discussing how we might handle challenging IMC situations and reviewing instrument procedures.  


If you like "Hangar Flying" you'll like IMC Club meetings.

For more information visit http://eaa100.org  or call Dick Fechter (507) 272-5099.
Check this site for cancellations.

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EAA Chapter 100
Scheduled Events for 2019

Meeting Month

Business Meeting

Regular Meeting

IMC Club

Special Events


Fri. Jan. 04th 

Fri. Jan. 11th 

Wed. Jan 09th 


Tue. Feb. 26th 

Fri. Feb. 08th

Wed. Feb. 13th


Fri. Mar. 08th 

Wed. Mar. 13th 


Tue. Apr. 30th 

Fri. Apr. 12th 

Wed. Apr. 10th 


Sat. May 11th 

Wed. May 08th 

May 18th (Sat.)

Young Eagles


Sat. Jun. 08th

Wed. Jun. 12th 

Jun. 16th (Sun.)

Flight Breakfast


Tue. July 02nd  CX

Sat. Jul. 13th 

Wed. Jul. 10th

Aug. 11th (Sun.)


Wed. Aug 14th 

August (Picnic)


Tue. Sep. 03rd 

Sat. Sep. 14th 

Wed. Sep. 11th

Sep. 07th (Sat.)

Young Eagles


Tue. Oct. 29th

Sat. Oct. 12th 

Wed. Oct. 09th


Fri. Nov. 08th 

Wed. Nov. 13th 


Fri. Dec. 13th 

Wed. Dec. 11th 





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