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July 17, 2018
EAA Chapter 100
Business Meeting

EAA Chapter 100 Business Meeting
Tuesday July 17th
1830 (6:30pm)
Dodge Center Admin. Building

**Jim Owens will pre-grill up burgers and cheesy beef hot nachos.  An RSVP to President@EAA100.org would be appreciated.

Discussion items:

-Chapter hangar usage/plan

-Young Eagles rally,  how do we efficiently utilize all of the volunteer pilots (we had 18 lined up for the Spring rally)
    -Two shifts of pilots?
    -Fast airplanes fly in a group, then slower?

-Chapter picnic menu  August 12th
-Pancake breakfast, document who does what and possible improvements

-AirVenture 2019 "Fuel, Fun, and Friendly Dodge Center- your AirVenture fuel stop destination" proposal.  Advertise as much as possible for next years AirVenture that Dodge Center is a great place for fuel and maintenance.  Camping and transportation would be available.

August 8, 2018

IMC Club meeting will be at the Rochester airport’s CAP Meeting Room. (Just below the Great Planes Aviation office.  Start at 1900L (2nd Wednesday of each month).  

Planned discussion topics: To be determined

More basic information about “IMC Club” is at http://eaa100.44rf.com/imcclub/imcclub.htm.

Please sign up before the meeting.  Link will be posted shortly 

Cancellations will be posted on this site -- http://RSTGA.com  website Events page.

August 12, 2018
EAA Chapter 100

EAA Chapter 100 summer catered picnic will be hosted by your chapter at the Dodge Center Airport (TOB).  Members, family and friends are invited.  More information to follow.

Sept. 22, 2018


Young Eagles Rally

Dodge Center Flight Breakfast

Sunday June 19, 2019

EAA Chapter 100 annual "Father's Day Fly-in/Drive-in Flight Breakfast.




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