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Rushford Municipal Airport

Robert W. Bunke Field


April 7, 2018

Chili Feed Fly-In/Drive-In


55Y - Robert W. Bunke Field Airport, Rushford, MN

10 am until gone

Sponsored by EAA Chapter 919.  For more information, call Mike Thern at 507-458-0705

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Mike Thern - (FBO)



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This is a real "hidden Gem" of a SE MN airport.  The administration building is welcoming and comfortable. Mike is a very friendly and helpful FBO  who has worked very hard at keeping fuel prices down -- even with an entirely new tank and pumping system.

RWY 1634: 3200 X 60 (ASPH) 

When winds are from 250 to 340, the trees at the south end of the runway can cause challenging  turbulence 

Be aware of a couple "Gotchas" with the new fuel pump system.  Don't worry, great hospitality and $3.98 fuel is worth it.

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There is a new government requirement that automatically  turns the system off if more than 2 minutes goes by between inserting your credit card and starting to pump  fuel.  Mike is working this bureaucratic mess but it might take a while.  So, before you insert your credit card:
  • Know how much fuel you intend to pump.
  • Have your airplane grounded 
  • Hose extended.   
  • If you use a ladder, have it ready too.
  • Gallons meter zeroed
  • Have the power switch off until it has verified your credit card
  • Turn on the power switch after  it has verified your credit card

NOTE -- you won't hear the pump running as it is underground



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