Aviation Pathways

Who: A team of representatives from the SE MN Flying Club, EAA Chapter 100, Signature Flight Support, Great Planes Aviation, ATC, Hangar owners, AOPA Airport Representative and the Rochester Airport. 

A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation to: 

  • Promote G/A in SE Minnesota
  • Raise funds for aviation educational scholarships


When: Meet every third Tuesday of each month
Where: Monthly meetings are held at RST Terminal Building, upper level meeting room.

 Flying Magazine email articles about being an airline pilot


Aviation Scholarships


  • A strong general aviation environment in southeastern Minnesota enables local residents and businesses to thrive by providing personal and business-related travel options unavailable via normal carriers, rapid localized shipment of critical materials, and a great set of personal skill building opportunities.
  • It is a key part of any vibrant community, and recruiting youth into general aviation as a career both enables this environment and provides excellent career opportunities. This scholarship is intended to promote that career growth for the betterment of Rochester and surrounding communities.

How:  This scholarship will be awarded to the applicant's who have demonstrated by their actions and activities:

  • A strong focus on pursuit of Aviation as a career choice
  • A strong demonstrated aptitude for the academic rigors involved
  • A demonstrated willingness to do the hard work required to succeed in your chosen field
  • An aptitude for working in a team environment to ensure organizational success
  • ___________________________________________________
    Promoting General Aviation

    • Young Eagle Rallies - May 18th and September 7th 2019
    • General Aviation Picnics - Same as YE Rallies


    • Great Planes is getting a Cessna 172 for training, and providing A&P services
    • There is a face book address @SEMNGAAT


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This website is maintained by Dick Fechter and provides unofficial information about general aviation happenings in SE Minnesota.

Everyone is invited to helping me to keep this information current, ask questions and keep me straight.